Over the years of working in the music industry, we have collected wide collection of music, samples, instruments and skills.
Our musical selection was played in such iconic clubs as Berghain, Mutabor, Клуб (Club). We have worked on TV, music festivals and the Venice Biennale.

Our passionate and lovely team:

Nikita Molchanov

DJ Chronic Preview. Resident of the club Клуб, System 108, Sumeba Miyako. Participated in the life of the creative center Mutabor. Nikita was noted for performances in the german Berghain and at the festivals Present Perfect, Alfa Future People, Urvakan.

Vasiliy Mirolubov

Music composer. Wrote music for Muz-TV, Manege, SETUP, Volchok, Mutabor, Gamma Festival, Alfa Future People, for the play Hypnosis (dir. Oleg Glushkov) and to the show Morning show. Part of the duo Glushkov&Miroliubov which took part with performance at Mutabor, Arma17.

Dima Nekrotkov

As a composer multi-instrumentalist, Dima loves to record all instruments by himself. And brands love it.
Here is a short list of companies behind his shoulder: Skoda, McDonalds, Kaspersky, Peugeot, Renault, Ikea etc.

Ilya Duganov

Media artist. Ilya’s sound installations were at the Venice Biennale (Circular Repetition – 2019), the Moscow Urban Forum, and the SAVE festival. Participated in productions of performances on the stage of the Alexandrinsky Theater, the Stanislavsky Electrotheatre. Customed Worked musical scenography for the Sobaka TOP-50 award.

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