Creating atmospheres by giving voice to spaces

We select music playlists that involve in what is happening around, creating a holistic experience

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Our atmospheres

How we create

To create a truly memorable experience for guests, a well-developed musical atmosphere will help, precisely tailored to the context, details and target audience


We explore the concept of the place, being inspired by the interior, the features of your service, visitors.


We mark the average time of the guests' stay, choose the appropriate rhythm of music for different times of the day.


Based on our research and approved genres, we compile several unique, combined playlists for different times of the day and the workload of the institution.

How we help business

Emphasizing your identity

We increase brand awareness by complementing the existing authentic image. Our music fanaticism will help you find a sound for your unique business.

Impressing the audience

We help to establish contact with clients on a deeper emotional level. Our goal is to facilitate the return visit of your guests.

Outperforming you among competitors

Our playlists are unique and hand-n-ear-crafted with obsessive meticulousness to details. We will not provide you with a radio stream or a universal streaming solution for all types of businesses.

Providing the platform

How to hear us at your place:
— Access to an individual web page with a playlist (Android app coming soon!), which opens from most devices with network access
— Offline solution based on our microcomputer, which works totally autonomously


Подчеркивает идентичность

Повышаем узнаваемость бренда, дополняя существующий аутентичный образ. Наш музыкальный фанатизм помогает озвучить самые нетривиальные кейсы


Впечатляет аудиторию

Помогаем установить контакт с клиентами на более глубоком эмоциональном уровне. Наша цель – поспособствовать повторному визиту


Выделяет среди конкурентов

Мы не включим вам радио точку или потоковое универсальное решение под все виды бизнеса. Наши плейлисты уникальны и собираются вручную с одержимой скрупулезностью


Решает технические тонкости

Платформа для проигрывания

Аудио оборудование

funk/soul – folk – electronic – pop – glam
electro – house – tribal house – ghetto house
disco – italo disco – latin – rnb/swing
leftfield – krautrock – cloudrap
psychedelic rock – soft noise – drone – ambient
idm – ebm – Dubstep
ambient – leftfield – dancehall – tribal
new age – musique concrète – krautrock – cloudrap
classical – experimental – contemporary jazz modern blues

Наши облака жанров


Our subscription options are tailored to your unique needs, providing you with the perfect balance of content, support and value.

in stream

  • Dozens of playlists to choose from
  • Tracks selected specifically for public places
  • Personal support

full support

  • Demo mixes for approval
  • Custom-tailored playlist
  • Buttons Like/Dislike for precise moderation
  • History of played songs
  • Fast personal support
from 50$


Plan full support, but also:
  • Exclusive playlists
  • History of played songs
  • Priority personal support
from 125$